Mlimani Logistics is a full-service logistics provider with special expertise in commercial, industrial and retail logistics. Mlimani Logistics offers freight forwarding, contract logistics and supply chain solutions that connect your business to suppliers and markets around East and Central Africa.

We offer dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing solutions in Africa and across the world with customised personal service and guaranteed quality.

Connect your business with the world. It doesn’t matter if you run a global powerhouse or local startup. We’re here to help your business grow.



The versatility and breadth of Freight and cargo services provided by Milimani give our customers cost effective alternatives to other more expensive forms of transportation. Our global logistics services include not just port-to-port shipments, but also the whole door-to-door supply chain solution.

We have developed solid commercial relationships with all major international and regional freight and cargo carriers over the years.


Boost Delivery Times with Cost- Effective, Seamless Customs Clearance Services.Improve your shipment experience with our reliable, flexible shipping customs. Our Customs Brokerage team provide expertise across tariff and Customs laws, rules and regulations for the clearance of imported or exported goods, the preparation of import or export documents including computation and payment of duties, taxes and other charges.


We provide safe storage facilities at all main locations in China and Dubai. Our warehouses are among the most secure places to store your items.The enormous storage and distribution system of Milimani will select, pack, store, and deliver consignments throughout the region using ecient modes of transportation.

All our sites offer specialized warehousing for household items and personal possessions.


Trucking is usually included at the beginning or nish of most transportation networks.Road Transportation Service, which unites all major like Chinese, and Dubai trade hubs into a single network, is part of the comprehensive transportation and logistics service. Milimani is one of the largest freight and cargo operators, with frequent, scheduled departures to/from all major cities in China, Dubai, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand Tanzania,and other east African nations.

We are a progressive provider of business solutions; from IT Services,Vehicle Tracking, inland logistics,Vehicle Tracking,Import & Export,Business Consulting & Facilitation with over 10 years experience.

Saglotis has full legal compliance with laws and regulations covering operational areas and Advanced risk management framework.


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  • Avenue Tabora coin Maniema, Quartier Makutano. Commune de Lubumbashi
  • Kinshasa Office :
  • Num 394 Avenue Ndwisi, Quartier Makelele, Commune de Bandalungwa- Kinshasa RDC
  • 108 Avenue TSF Quartier Golf Commune de la Gombe - Kinshasa
  • +243816530585

  • 1016 Jamhuri Building Jamhuri & Kitumbini Street
    Dar Es Salaam Tanzania


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