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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how Saglotis Corporation (in the position of Data Controller) uses the Personal Data that is collected, used and shared once You access and use the Services (as defined below). Saglotis Corporation is committed to protect Your Personal Data and to respect Your privacy. By accessing and using the Services You agree to the data processing practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Your data privacy with Saglotis Corporation

At Saglotis Corporation we care about your privacy and want you to be confident in the way we use your personal information and other data. Our data privacy policy applies to all of the products and services we provide you as a customer and user of our site and apps.

The information we collect about you helps us provide the best service possible to you. It also helps us keep your information safe and comply with laws and regulations.

What we do with your data

We use the personal information you give us to allow us to provide you with the services you’d like to use as well as offer our support services. We also use it to help protect you and our services from crime, such as fraud or money laundering. We may share your information with our other group companies and selected third parties (list available upon request) but always make sure it remains protected. We may use your data for our internal marketing analytics purposes to allow us to assess service performance, customer behaviour and trends – this is to allow us to monitor and continuously improve our service offering. We don’t sell or make available your data to any third parties for marketing, advertising or related purposes.

What sort of information do we ask you

Depending on what services you want to use or trade in we will ask you for specific information. This could be your email address or contact number so we can communicate with you or be some form of proof of identity such as an I.D. card, driving license or passport. To help us get to know you as a customer and comply with applicable laws and regulations – such as anti-money laundering, fraud or sanctions – we may require a proof of address and when trading, a proof of banking details and funds. We may also ask you for you Tax Identification Number when it is required by Law.

What information are we entitled to

We need and are permitted to have your information for three reasons – either because you have agreed to give it to us, or to be able to provide our services to you, or because we are legally required to obtain it. In each case we will only ask for, store and use information that we reasonably require and we will only hold on to if for as long as we need to or that the law requires us to do.

Where do we store your information

All our data and your information is held in secure servers located in the United States of America. We do use a number of different operating systems. In each case the data we store, how we store it and third party applications we use are subject to strict security measures and legal obligations.

How we keep your information safe

We use a number of technical and procedural measures to ensure the safety of your data. These include encrypting data, only storing and transferring it where we know it is safe and restricting access to who can see or use the data.

Who can access or see my information

Only those people within our organisation that need to see it in order to help us provide our services to you. This will include our marketing, customer service and support staff as well as specific ‘Know Your Customer’ or ‘KYC’ and compliance staff who need to ensure we follow applicable laws and regulations. We may pass your information to selected third parties for specific purposes such as carrying our KYC and identity checks.

What rights do I have to my information

You have various rights to your information such as the right to ask us what information we hold about you, ask us to correct or delete information about you or to restrict our use of it. You also have the right to request us to export or transfer data to other companies. And you have the right to complain about our use of your data and submit a complaint to the relevant data protection authority.

Who do I contact to find out more or make a complaint

If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding how we collect, use and store information about you, Saglotis Corporation. has a Data Protection Officer to help you. If you need assistance, please send an e-mail to

Information that we collect, and how we use it

Saglotis Corporation collects information from our users when they create their account for the Site.Some of the forms for Saglotis Corporation registration, account setup, and other purposes may ask users to give us contact information, unique personal identifiers, financial information, subject areas of interest, and/or demographic information. We may use these data to tailor the visitor’s experience at our website.

You agree that Saglotis Corporation may use any personal information that you provide, such as your name, address, email address, phone number to inform you about updates to the service and to notify you about other products and services offered by Saglotis Corporation that may be of interest to you. We will not sell, share, or rent or otherwise make available any of that information to other parties, except that we may disclose the information to third parties who perform services on our behalf and have a need to access the information in connection with the performance of those services. We may use your data for our internal marketing analytics purposes to allow us to assess service performance, customer behaviour and trends – this is to allow us to monitor and continuously improve our service offering. In addition, you agree that Saglotis Corporation may disclose your contact information in response to inquiries by bona-fide rights owners in connection with allegations of infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights arising from information that you have posted on the Site or otherwise provided to Saglotis Corporation, or that has been provided to regulators, law enforcement agencies or courts. You may also feel free to contact us as indicated below if you wish to opt out of communications received from Saglotis Corporation at a later point, or access your account settings to make changes to the information we hold or you provide.

E-mail addresses

We may collect the email addresses at the point of account creation of users. We will not, however, share any email addresses with any third party or send unsolicited email to any of the addresses we collect, except in very limited circumstances as set forth in this policy.

Please note that we may send you transactional and relationship messages, even if you have unsubscribed from our marketing communications. For instance, if our service is going to be temporarily suspended for maintenance, we might send you an email to update you.

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